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Oceanview Creations is exclusively an online store, built on the strong principles that value and customer service are key factors in the world of business.

We are a family owned business based in the State of Georgia. Our company was started with the realization that both individuals and businesses around the world deserve quality service.

We have a steadily growing clientele of high profile individuals and companies worldwide

Custom Aquarium

We specialize in custom acrylic aquarium designs, artificial corals and reefs plus we carry a wide array of aquarium filtration systems, cleaning solutions and other supplies.

Your custom aquarium will be designed, engineered and built without the use of subcontractors, unlike the typical online aquarium store.

Everything is built in-house and made to order to maintain the highest level of quality.


Similar custom aquariums were featured on Fish Tank Kings which aired on Nat Geo Wild. Award winning aquarium exhibits have also been created for high profile clients like Sea World, Disney, Universal Studios, Rainforest Cafe, Sports Heroes, Movie Stars and many more. Other exceptional aquariums are located at Zoos, Hotels, Public Aquariums, Luxury Homes and Resorts across the world.

Custom Aquarium

Whether you are interested in having an aquarium custom made or purchasing corals and reefs, you can be sure that we will provide you with a unique work of art that will have an everlasting effect on everyone that sees it.

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